I Long For the Aloha Spirit

Joni is a Facebook friend who lives on Oahu where she was born and raised. I am a transplant but it is easy for me to say that I agree with most of what she has to say here. I can’t speak for the past she speaks of from personal experience like she can.


When people think of Hawaii, many imagine sunny, warm days spent lounging on a beach towel getting some sun. Being in this beautiful paradise is intoxicating for those wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It’s idyllic to many but the reality is nothing like that for many of us who are born and raised here.

My friends and family live completely different realities than those romanticized views of being in an island state. The high cost of living forces many of us to be working to make a comfortable living. I know of so many people who work 2 full time jobs to afford their rent or mortgage. Many of my friends live with family to try to save on housing. We have to shop in bulk to save on food costs. We drive our second hand cars for years to avoid…

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