A ‘Seedy Business’ For Sure

Right On Target

Iowa Meets Maui

Last week a friend sent an article to me asking for my comments.  To be honest, had I stumbled upon this paper online, I would have dismissed it as “not worth my time”.  It has numerous fallacies and jumps to many conclusions without substantial evidence.  Two thing made me change my mind.  First, a friend asked, and I rarely say no to friends.  Second, this article was passed to her by one of HER friends.  People are reading this and sharing it as a quality piece of research.  Au contraire mon ami.  I must respond!

Seedy Business: What Big Food is hiding with its slick PR campaign on GMOs is 65 pages of what might appear to be well researched facts.  It is not.  Friends often email me articles like this, and I love getting them as I always enjoy researching topics and getting down to the truth.  This article is put out by…

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