Costco’s Organic Push

Yessss, what’s up with that Costco? I have been a member for many years but am becoming unsatisfied.

Iowa Meets Maui

When you live in a state with a crazy high cost of living, you learn quickly how to cut corners in order to make the budget work.  Eating out becomes a rare pleasure.  You stop shopping just for fun and stick to the ‘need’ list.  You learn to turn out lights and shut off the air.  You cut where you can, but the grocery bill is a tough one.  In the absence of an Aldi (oh, sweet Aldi, how you are missed), one becomes a Costco aficionado.  In a place like Hawaii, this store becomes a girl’s best friend.

Costco, with their wide range of high quality items at budget conscious prices, is a godsend.  There are name brand items and no-nonsense “Kirkland” options to give us choices.  I’ll admit, the prospect of saving a few bucks usually has me reaching for the store brand.  I’d much prefer to squirrel away…

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