The “Aloha Spirit”

A Guest Blog from Maui.

Iowa Meets Maui

People come to Maui for a variety of reasons.  Kite surfing on the North Shore,


hiking a volcano and then watching the sunset over the clouds,


IMG_4592or driving the winding road to Hana.IMG_1233

What tourists probably do not come to Maui to see is a protest, but that is exactly what they have been getting from activists recently.

Just a few weeks ago they occupied the airport.


A friend happened to be flying home to Oahu and reported vehicles circled OGG for half an hour, honking and causing traffic problems.  The same day the activists harassed the mayor’s wife at her home, and protested “all the things” on the side of a busy intersection.1939736_1509708659306995_3750694911336636462_nScreen shot 2014-12-29 at 9.13.49 AMIMG_5835

One begins to wonder what exactly they are protesting at this point.  On December 28th, the same group took to Wailea Beach to pester the tourists during our busiest week of the year.  One woman walked down the beach…

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