Several News Sources reported today that an estimated 4 billion dollars has been spent on the 2014 election. it remains to be seen what the results will be but it is likely that very little if anything will change. A few governorships may change hands, the Senate my change to Republican hands but whatever the results, the only thing we can count on is that the next horserace with even greater expenditures has already begun. There was a time when there was time between elections to do a little governing but no more.

Bob Schrieffer of ABC News in his short editorial on “Face the Nation” today, said that while the races get “more and more expensive” governing “gets worse and worse and produces less and less.” This is true and most candidates don’t bother to promise the people anything because they are not the people that put them into office. Those with money did.

Schrieffer pointed out another important fact of the elections. He likened the candidates campaigns to a movement from amateur to professional sports. He said that the candidates were “outsourcing something they used to get for free.” Once campaigns were run by volunteers from the ranks of citizens but more and more they are being run by paid professional operatives – the pollsters and the paid advisors. One can tell that this is the case simply by listening to candidates. Take the case of Alison Lundergan Grimes in Kentucky. Does anybody believe that she was not advised by the professionals to not reveal her Presidential choice in 2008 and 2012. She has been very candid and outspoken in the past but not when the pros get on the case.

As Schrieffer says, by “outsourcing something we once got free, we are “getting an inferior product.” The people who voted them in are left out in the cold.

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